Beginning Reader Children’s Books!


This is a sweet counting book that can be enjoyed by children from 2-6.  The vocabulary is appropriate for beginning readers, however there is a slight bit of awkwardness on a couple of pages when reading it aloud. This book is a nice supplement for your child’s collection.


Emerging young readers can count their way up from numbers 1-10, while rhyming their way through situations that our beloved furry family members could get themselves into throughout the day! 


This is a delightful beginning reader or read aloud for children in pre-school through first grade approaching their first day of school.  Many aspects are address with a reassuring tone.  Items such as homework are explained in an age appropriate manner. 


Kitty the Calico is a young and energetic kitten, who is going to school for the very first time. While at first she was scared to be away from home for so long, Kitty quickly learns that school is nothing to be afraid of.

For more about this author, CLICK HERE.

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