Chasing the Edge (Cari Turnlyle Series #1) by Leslie A. Piggott

This first book in a new series has everything needed to get me hooked. The main character, Cari, is a fledgling journalist covering the local sports scene. When she happens to be at a track meet where a student collapses and dies, her investigative skills take off. Set in a university town, the reader is quickly immersed in the life of the university as well as the townspeople who are living on the outskirts.

If the mystery is not enough, Cari is dealing with an internal struggle of trying to do the right thing while also wanting that front page story. How far is she willing to go?

The author did a great job starting this series and giving me, the reader, enough closure for the story but at the same time, I enjoyed the characters so much that I wanted more. 

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When a college track star collapses dead as he tries to clear the last hurdle, sports writer Cari Turnlyle suspects foul play. As she tries to dig deeper, she continually encounters obstacles. Another member of the school’s athletic community turns up dead leading Cari to turn to her childhood friend, Detective Genevieve Viacorte. But even Detective Viacorte refuses to acknowledge Cari’s theory. Can she find the answers before someone else pays the price?

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