Children’s Books By Jimmy Huston

This trio of books are the perfect gift idea.

The I Hate to Read Book by Jimmy Huston

OMG – this book made me want to do random story times wherever I could find children. It is a laugh out loud book that just begs for interaction. Whether being read by a child or adult there is fun and smiles on every page. The best part – no illustrations! Seriously this opens up the reader or listener to using their imagination on every page.

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Reading is not for everybody, but everybody has to read.

This is a light-hearted look at reading dislikes and difficulties.

The I Hate to Read Book pokes fun at teachers, parents, and others who push readers (young and old) who don’t want to be pushed.

For once, give them a book that they’ll enjoy.

And, it’s short.

Nate-Nate The Christmas Snake by Jimmy Huston

Being a snake is hard – just ask Nate. As he emerges from hibernation a bit early he is surprised to find the Christmas holiday in full celebration. Poor Nate tries to fit in and be part of the holiday season but things are just not going smoothly for this friendly snake.

This book is great for ages 8 and above as it has a ton of wonderful illustrations at the same time as paragraphs and chapters to be read. Even reluctant readers will be amused by Nate.

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Follow little Nate-Nate as he explores Candy Cane Lane on Christmas Eve — although he is not exactly welcomed by the neighborhood. Through his adventures he discovers the spirit of Christmas despite being a lowly snake in everyone’s eyes. When the joyful holiday mood is threatened, he slithers to the rescue and becomes the legend known far and wide as Nate-Nate the Christmas Snake. Beautifully illustrated by Leslie Hodges.

Cussing for Kids – Etiquette for the Profane by Jimmy Huston

Relax parents – not a single curse word. However, I can see this having a huge appeal to those ages 10 and above. The explanations and reasoning behind the scenarios will delight almost every reader. While it is presented in a practical manner, there is some good humor and thought provoking ideas that can lead to great discussions. There is also presentation of what the repercussions can be if you curse and how that can make others feel. Definitely a great addition to any kid’s library. 

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Strangely enough, there is no profanity in this lighthearted book. Instead, it is about why we cuss, how to cuss, how to cuss well, when to cuss, and how to get away with it. There’s also a bit about where to cuss. But no actual cussing. And, there are pictures.

3 thoughts on “Children’s Books By Jimmy Huston

  1. Jimmy Huston books are hysterical and so much fun to read! They are my fun gifts for family and friends and I have the whole collection in pediatric waiting room! They are a must get for presents this holiday season!


  2. Not only have I read all of Jimmy Huston’s books, I have shared them with many others. They are clever and amusing but they hit the mark on many important issues with childhood
    and also with adults. Humor is a great tool for getting an important message across. Jimmy
    is an expert at managing this. Having an autistic/ ADD grandchild we have struggled with
    finding the right course to manage the journey. Jimmy makes important points while adding laughter to ease the way, My daughter teaches at a school for dyslexic kids and has found his books a great vehicle for her students and their parents. I salute Jimmy and applaud his ability to put some of the problems of life into a format that makes us think while allowing us to laugh.


  3. Couldn’t agree more. His books are so readable yet laugh-out-loud on serious subjects. What an original mind!! Many kudos to author Jimmy Huston!


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