Corsair and the Sky Pirates by Mark Piggott

Fate brought this author to my attention. Then his incredible book covers really hooked me until I started the first page when I discovered I love steampunk!

This Steampunk Historical Fiction was a wonderful read. The book is sprinkled with famous historical figures such as Edison, Tesla, and Verne. The tale’s lead, Corsair, is an unknown entity – or at least his real identity is unknown. The assortment of characters and the variety of their purposes in the story blended smoothly with the Telsa vs. Edison relationship and who is good vs. evil in the story. Characters and plot lines had twists and turns, and the unexpected led to much enjoyment by this reader.

At the very core of this story is a meteor fragment that ties together not just the technology but also the characters and locations of events. It also brings to light some ancient history and its impact on the time period of the story.

What I found most interesting was the way a corporation had such major control over so many people and the aspects of their lives. It had a direct connection to what is currently happening in our world.

Piggott’s minor characters are just as well developed and essential to the story as the main characters and make for an incredible 4-D environment for the reader. The blending of historical facts with modern ideas from the characters was seamless.

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A brilliant inventor… A prolific writer…

A chance meeting between Nikola Tesla and Jules Verne catapulted the world into a new kind of power. Using meteor fragments from a comet named Uriel, they created a world powered not by combustion but by steam. The incredible inventions that followed launched the world into an industrial revolution ahead of its time… a steampunk revolution.

While Tesla’s inventions were designed to ease people’s day-to-day burdens, Thomas Edison’s ERP Corporation used their power and influence to ensure people paid for their modern miracles.

One man brought hope to the people as he pursued Tesla’s dream of invention for the everyday person. His exploits were legendary, his crew infamous, and his airship a vision of the future . . . Corsair and the Sky Pirates!

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