Orange County The Dark Side by Chris Curtis

Some stories involve the mind and some the heart – this story strongly affected both in me. Working on this project with Chris challenged my skills and I loved it. After the first read of Chris’ typed on a typewriter page, I knew there was a story here that needed to be told. As we worked on this book, I got a glimpse into Chris’ world today and it helped me see just how far he has come and just how determined this man is to make every day count.

I cannot imagine surviving the author’s life but he did an excellent job of helping me see what he endured and situations I have luckily never had to deal with. At the core of this book is the strong message of survival and at times, that looks very different for this author. From just getting through the day clothed and fed to surviving prison yards to self-awareness, to spreading his wings and becoming a fully engaged member of society, this author told his story with truth and not a single rose-covered glasses point of view.

His hope is to reach just one person with his message and deter them from his road of travel. This is reason enough to read and share this book.

Thank you Chris, for allowing me to be a small part of this journey.

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The land of milk and honey, streets paved with gold, and a place your dreams can come true are the illusions of Orange County. But, when you cross to the other side, The Dark Side, life is quite different. On the dark side, allowances given are lines of cocaine. Drive-by shootings are a daily occurrence, and parents are not the protectors but the ones who send you out to score for them.

This was Christopher Curtis’ life. Taking the reader to some of his earliest memories and on through his third strike prison sentence, this book is gritty and realistic.

All the systems in place to help the kids who fall through the cracks failed Christopher. As he matures, the addiction, crimes, and lifestyle accelerate and degrade. The book contains the despair that, at times, Christopher did not even realize was part of his day. The ups and downs of drugs. The using and selling, the getting away with and being punished for his crimes. The community that revolves around an addict is all exposed in plain language, the original written by Christopher on a typewriter.

What do you do when the deck is not only stacked against you but reinforced with concrete? Survival is the only goal. And survive is what Christopher did. He is here to tell the tale with the hope that someone also on the Dark Side of their street catches a glimpse of themselves and can see the way to a better life.

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