Tristram the Demon: Legends of Everclearing Book 3 by Wendy L. Anderson

It’s the characters – it’s always the characters with this author. While many of her books can be woven together, each one reads delightfully on its own. There is a sense of ease when reading this author, that comes from a familiar environment, the well-developed world she creates, the rich characters and the lore of good versus evil. This exploration of good vs. evil not just pulls the reader in but keeps you happily and snuggly tucked in for the duration.

Can a woman who believes herself to be a beast find herself and at the same time help a demon find his true self? And together, can they conquer all that is needed to find their true place in the world?

Well developed and always a joy to return to, this author’s name is enough of a pull for me to pick up any of her books.

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A demon searching for redemption. A lonely girl searching for love. Will love and forgiveness be enough to escape the clutches of hell and open the gates of heaven?

After years of serving the Underworld, Tristram the demon recants his choice for hell and leaves his demonic life behind. As a consequence, he is relentlessly hunted and mortally wounded by his former brothers who are intent on taking him back to the land of the dead.

Vinaya, shunned by humankind as a witch, finds Tristram dying in the forest. She heals his wounds and helps him discover there are dual sides to his nature.

While Vinaya struggles to understand Tristram’s true spirit, he grapples with the guilt and shame of his past life. As love binds them together, they journey to a mystical land called Everclearing that serves as the gateway to heaven. In a desperate appeal to the Ny-Failen of Everclearing, Tristram must prove that he has truly repented of his past sins. But is he worthy of redemption?

Unknown magic and new love are their only hope as Tristram and Vinaya struggle to stay together and save his soul. Will hell let him go and will heaven take him back?

As one of the Legends of Everclearing,Tristram the Demon is a standalone fantasy in this series. If you like a sweet love story, heart-stopping action, adventure, and a happily-ever-after ending, you’ll love Tristram the Demon. This is a swoon-worthy tale of sacrifice where love conquers all when redemption is a hope worth fighting for.

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