Do Overs by Ruthie Robinson

Do Over.jpeg

Fiction – Romance/Mystery

              Disclaimer here – I know this author and almost 10 years ago when she approached me to read a romance novel she had just had published I cringed, said ok and thought I would try to get through it – boy was I wrong.  Since then I have read all of Ruthie’s book – with no hesitation!  I do not read a lot of romance – I usually need more of a story and in that way this lady delivers every time.  Plus as a side note the sex scenes are pretty steamy!  This book has a subplot of a mystery and I was sucked in on the first page.

           Wonderful characters with a keen sense of humor and some awesome relationship scenes. Loved the tie in with characters from her first book Reyes’ Gold. Really like the mystery angle in this!

Reviewed November 29, 2016

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