Living A Feminist Life by Sara Ahmed

Feminist LifeNon-fiction

              I started reading this book with a joke about jumping in with both feet and I was right.  I immersed myself very quickly.  There is an old saying – if you can’t walk the walk don’t talk the talk -well this author can walk and talk   Reading this book took me a lot longer than the average book.  I wanted to take my time and think about what the author was saying.  The book led to great discussions with the people in my life and was the subject of a few phone calls and dinner conversations.

           While I did not agree with everything the author says, I can respect the well documented concise intensity in which she says it.  It was very thought provoking.

          My only slightly negative comment would be the repetition of the author – not just in the book but in a following sentence.  Not sure if she was trying to reinforce a point, but it made me as a reader feel that she was writing for a different level of reader.

Reviewed December 3, 2016

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