This is to answer all those requests about my opinion on books.  I read, I suggest, I review but up until now no BLOG.  My reviews, as you will read, are a little different.  It really irks to see reviews that are a page summarizing the entire book and then giving very little comments on the book.  My reviews are more along the line of – well written – great characters that seem like real people – plot made sense.  One thing you will not find on my blog is me trashing a book.  Authors work really hard creating their books and I respect their work.  It’s like telling someone their kid is an awful creation – even if he/she is tearing apart your living room – you just don’t use those words.

           I read almost everything but intense horror.  I read the big publishers and the Independent Authors and everything in between.  If I like a book it will appear here with a write up on AmazonGoodreads, Facebook, Twitter and NetGalley if all of those are appropriate.  If I don’t like it it will only appear here with – “not my cup of tea” comments.

           I promise my reviews will be concise and only what I think is necessary to say to get my opinion across.  I will not redo the summary of the book that the author and their team have worked so hard at – they can do it much better than I.

           So, grab a cup of tea, and start reading what I think and I sincerely hope it will give you a chance to pick up some really incredible reads – and share them with your family and friends.  Enjoy!

          PS – If you want to send me a book use the contact page of this website and send me a note – I’m always open to new books!

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