31076326Fiction – Thriller/Suspense

          Jack Winter was once a news reporter who broke the biggest stories around. Now kills stories for the rich and powerful, protecting them from exactly the kind of journalist he used to be.  A new client drags Jack into a lethal world of corruption and long-buried secrets, he finds himself wishing he could turn back the clock, because now he is fighting not just for headlines but his life.

          Impressive first book – may be the author’s debut but it was written like a pro. The story was engaging and characters were well developed – all except Zoe – sorry I just can’t buy the perfect young woman but emotionally a mess falling for the older guy once again. But that said – it is my only negative comment. The story line pulled me along as I was supposed to read three other books over this past long weekend – and basically concentrated on this one. I really wanted to find out where the story and Jack were going. Looking forward to the next Jack Winter adventure. Thanks for an enjoyable read.

Reviewed November 26, 2016

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