The President’s Kitchen Cabinet by Adrian Miller

President Kitch

Non Fiction – To Be Published in February 2017

          I love history especially when you get a look behind the scenes.  This is an insider’s view of backstage at the White House during many presidential terms.  The anecdotes and stories from those working at the heart of the White House and for the President were intriguing, well written and enthralling.  Throw in a side of recipes and it makes every reader happy.  Also included was a very interesting chapter on beverages that gives you an up close and personal look at the house that exemplifies America.

           It’s really a shame that so little of this fascinating side of history has been lost  due to lack of material available today but so glad this author uncovered and shared so much of what is available.  This author did a great job in taking a non-fiction subject and making it an enjoyably easy read .

Reviewed November 26, 2016

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