Year of No Clutter – Eve Schaub

No Clutter

Memoir – Non Fiction

           Expect the unexpected.  This is not at all what I thought it would be – it is not a how to – not really a memoir of a year but more like a quick look at various pieces of a year.  Eve has a room – that most of us can only imagine to be a “hoarding” room.  Over the course of a year she starts to process they room but emotionally and physically.  She describes the elements making up the room with love and stories along with the process she uses to reclaim the room.

           The writing seems to a direct reflection on the personality of the author.  You feel like you are sitting in her slightly cluttered living room having a conversation .  She flits from item to item in a light tone with thought but at times little intention beyond realizing everything has a story/background/temporary meaning.  It did make me want to clean out my junk drawer – and I did!!!

Reviewed March 1, 2017

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