A Mild Rant on Ratings by Jennie

Am I missing something?

Ok this is not a book review – just a mild rant about ratings. I would like to know if I am the only one out here thinking this – or not? Read to the end and please let me know your thoughts.

We have become a society of award givers and receivers. I recently did a car trip for two weeks, stayed in Airbnbs, hotels, places who called themselves resorts, ate a bunch of meals out, visited a ton of tourist type stuff and read several books – all these things came with ratings. I found that a lot of these places have all 5 stars – really? And then I did some research, places like Airbnb need feedback from both sides until 2 weeks after a stay when the review is supposed to be posted. The all 5 star place I stayed in that was “family friendly” and had the rooftop balcony with no railing!! – will not see my review with warning until – well I’m still waiting for it to be posted. Please don’t get me started on the Florida “RESORT” – just because you have places to eat and a pool does not make you a resort! and when I can’t get customer service while I am there but after I do your survey 5 different departments contact me – something is wrong. Maybe if you had been that attentive during my stay I would not have written the poor comments in the survey!

I am finding the same 5 Star Rating with book reviews. I give few 5 stars – a lot of 3 and 4 stars. Because in my world a 3 star is a C – average – a good starting place for a first book (especially if it has not been edited) and 5 star is an A – outstanding – sorry most books are not outstanding in my world. I can enjoy a 3 star book but just because I enjoy it does not make it 5 stars.

Bottom line – I do not star my book blog reviews. I feel like most of the time the stars do not mean anything. What I will do is read the whole book (apparently something some reviews don’t do) and I will read it myself (not have a team that I then take credit for their reviews).

So if you made it to the end of this – tell me – am I over analyzing the rating thing? Are all the books, hotels, travel sites just really awesome and I am not getting it? Or, are we afraid to be honest, give constructive criticism or maybe just like something – or not like? Thoughts??

One thought on “A Mild Rant on Ratings by Jennie

  1. Ratings, like many things in life, are in the eye of the beholder. I never really understood this until I traveled extensively for three years overseas and saw star ratings can differ. Much is based upon expectations, previous interactions or word of mouth. When star ratings are available along with a written review, I appreciate the person taking the time to write out their thoughts, as I feel I get a true review…not just someone clicking on stars. So aim for the stars in your reviews, by continuing to read for yourself, sharing your thoughts and being open to others opinions. Just as you always have.


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