Mr. Rochester by Sarah Shoemaker

Mr RochesterFiction

From the first page you can tell the author is a Bronte fan. The huge task of giving us the life of Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre was done with a lot of soul, knowledge of the book and genuine love of the character.

This is not a retelling of Jane Eyre. This is the entire life of Edward Fairfax Rochester from his point of view. While Jane appears, at the appropriate time in Rochester’s life, the book is entirely him. The reader will get great insight into Thornfield Hall and surrounding areas as well as Jamaica and the life and times of different social classes during this time.
Jane Eyre is not my favorite book, but I did enjoy it – maybe even more now that I have Mr. Rochester’s life to entwine with Jane’s.

I believe this is what Charlotte Bronte might have written. The author is definitely not “an automation – a machine without feelings”.

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