The Changeling by Victor LaValle



This book was described as a modern day adult fairy tale with a thriller/suspense aspect.  Well think about Fairy Tales – most of the original ones were pretty scary.  Kids going into the woods, eating a candy house and being taken by a witch – definitely scary.

This book was at the high end of my limit for scary/horror.  The realistic happenings and the possibility of how events came about were a little too close to my all of our lives and the way we use technology.  The story starts with what seems like a normal dysfunctional family, living a normal dysfunctional life but when the old and the new mix the fear is real.

All the fears we may have that technology is inviting in anyone to our lives are realized in their most negative ways in this story.  This story is not just scary but possible with some adult Fairy Tale thrown in.  Being released on June 13, 2017.

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