Pheonix One (Ascension Series Book 1) by Chase MacLeod

Pheonix OneScience Fiction with Military undertones.

Brand new author – at least to me and a local Texas guy!  This book is typical world ending Science Fiction but what is not typical are the personalities that come through on most of the main characters. Good paced story line – 3 races (yes one is human) and their many differences and strengths and how each is trying to survive.

There is a lot going on and the story view changes rapidly but it is well layed out and I never got lost.  It even has a little romance (ok more like a decent sex scene).  Oh amost forgot there are mutated creatures that are part of the dying world, let’s just say I need to read comics before going to bed tonight! This is the first in a series and does the usual set up but at the same time there is a story on its own here.  Definitely worth your time for a read and if you have Kindle Unlimited – it’s free – so take a chance!

Clicke here to Buy Phoenix One (Ascension) on Amazon

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