Glass Houses by Louise Penny – Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Series #13

Glass HousesMystery

I have read every book in this series and it is always a joy to come back to.  Pick up any one book in the series and you will be hooked.  As my mind comes over the hill and sees the trees of Three Pines I know that I am with characters that give me comfort, adventure and intrigue.  My brain gets a wonderful workout trying to keep up with Armand Gamache and his team and I have never been able to be one step ahead!

This latest book does an incredible job of keeping you guessing.  Louise Penny drops a few well placed clues along the way but never enough to know everything that is going on in the mind of Gamache.  An added character in this book is the environment as the story leaps from hot summer days to frozen winter.

The only downside is the end – because I know I must now patiently wait for the next adventure in Three Pines.  So in the meantime my mind will curl up in Myrna’s bookstore with a hot chocolate from the Bistro and listen to Rosa and her infamous quack – that is more like a commentary from Ruth. I may even be F.I.N.E. before I get to jump into the next book.

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