Two Books – One Review – Life Purpose & The Dear God Letters – both by Claire H. Perkins

The Author, Claire H. Perskins was gracious enough to send me both of these books for review.

They are small books that have a lot in a just a few pages. I thought they would be quick reads but I found myself stopping, thinking and even discussing the pages as I was reading. (Even got my husband to read one of them!!!) They were the right books at the right time for me. I have been going down the path explored in these books for a while but needed the push (as we all do from time to time) of hearing I was doing the right thing with my life.

I have always believed in a version of Karma – put out good and good will come back to you. That is not always easy to do but with these two books I have a better understanding of how it might be possible.

While the genre is self help – the books are really more like life affirming. I’ll be keeping them both close at hand.

Click Here to buy Life Purpose – How To Find Your Reason For Living: How To Find Your Reason For Living on Amazon

Click Here to Buy The Dear God Letters: One Woman’s Year of Talking To God. Answers That Will Change Your Life Forever on Amazon

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