It’s News To Me by Olga Campos Benz

News To Me

This author is a local celebrity and a familiar face to most people in Austin.  I purchased this self published book a few months ago and it finally made its way to the top of my reading pile.

The book follows one woman, a reporter and anchor in (guess where!) Austin Texas and her story as she struggles to advance her career from fluff pieces to hard news.  Put in a twin, a sexy photojournalist, uncle in the Police, criminal brothers, behind the camera scenes of the local news station and some awesome margaritas and you have a good adventure.

With references to a lot of what make Austin – Austin, it is the perfect weekend read (even if I did finish it on a Thursday).  That said, it does have a few typos and disconnects – things like timing errors.  The characters are a little shallow and not completely developed but on the whole it is a very solid first book.

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