Theater District by Tim Wolter

Theater District

What would you do if you missed the last bus out of a commuter city the day before the Thanksgiving Holiday?  And, what if there was an organized homeless society controlling the city.  That is the scenario explored in this creative book.   The author, a local Texan, has taken what is a concern of many commuters – missing the bus – and expanded it into a very entertaining read.  This is a period piece, set about 20 years ago in Houston (which means I totally remember it!).   I was living in Houston at this time and fondly remember that setting and atmosphere that Wolter was able to re-create.

In total disclosure I had the pleasure of being a Beta reader for this book and then reading it again now that it has been published.  The main character, Gabe is well developed.  The plot is really almost two pronged with Gabe’s world and the world of the Homeless.  Both of which are carried out in an clear and concise way.  It’s a solid read, especially for those of us who remember a life before everyone was connected to a cell phone.


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