The Dirty Book Club by Lisi Harrison

Dirty Book

Such a treat! Yes this is the middle school book author of the Clique writing for grownups.

A group of women friends in the 60’s create a book club where they read “dirty” books – covered of course with covers from appropriate books. Years later they pass their club and reads with personalized letters on to the next generation of modern woman.

It was a pure delight. This book is a wonderful look at friendships among women – even those who seem to have so little in common come to realize how alike they are when you dig just a little deeper.

This is a popcorn book at all it’s wonderful best – quick read – can’t eat it fast enough and enough butter and salt for the enjoyment (or taste) to last just a little while.

I’ll be champing (read the book!) at the bit to see more adult selections from this author.

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