The Splendid Baron Submarine by Eric Bower (Book #2 Bizarre Baron Inventions)

Baron SubmarineThis is the second book in a series – but is perfect as a standalone too.  I read the first book in the fall and have recommended it to anyone who would listen that had readers in 3rd grade through middle school.

W.B. is living in a time of horse drawn carriages but with parents that can invent almost anything.  This book follows the same zany adventure ideas as the first with parents that have created such cool things as a “bigger” machine – watch out for the earthworm!  I really liked the jumping around as W.B. told the story and the imagination expanding scenes with the goofy antics of everyone from poor Aunt Dorcas, who always gets left behind, to the bodyguards who come to kidnap the family.

I needed an escape book and this was perfect.  I usually don’t include kids books in my blog but I am making an exception for this series.  This series gets one of my rare 5 stars reviews.  I’ve been keeping my eye on this small publishing company – Amberjack and they have a great track record for superior books.  Need the perfect gift for the holidays coming up – get both books in the Bizarre Baron Inventions Series.

Click Here to Buy The Splendid Baron Submarine (The Bizarre Baron Inventions) on Amazon

Baron Estate

My review on Netgalley of the THE MAGIFICENT BARON ESTATE

Quirky with a capital Q and totally going to be in my books I recommend in the next year.  There is a normal but clumsy main character with bizarre parents and aunt, a polite kidnapper and travel in a flying house – what more could you possibly want?  Oh and the dream scenes are a total laugh!  A fun read that will have kids using their imagination as well as just enjoying the speed of the changing scenes and adventures.

Click Here to Buy The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate (The Bizarre Baron Inventions) on Amazon

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