Lost Luggage by Wendall Thomas

Lost LuggageThis is labeled as a cozy mystery but really I think Zany is a better description.  This was enjoyment from the first page and all the way through.

The main character Cyd works in a travel agency run by her family and through hard work and sneaking around she has managed a trip to Atlantic City and the story takes off!!  Cyd lives with her mom and about 8 other family members!  Her days are spent trying to sell tours and then help Seniors have some great travel adventures (most of the time minus time in jail). There are bad guys, exotic animals, travel and an OMG Roger, quirky amusing Barry (you’ll just have to read it to figure that out) and law enforcement.

This book reminded me of a Goldie Hawn movie – lots of silly – great physical humor and a smart character that doesn’t always get it.  A fun light read with all the right, good qualities.

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