Poets, Artists, Lovers by Mira Tudor

PoetsWhile the summary of this book says fast paced I found it to be more of a meandering through various characters and their interpersonal relationships.

The story follows several woman and a few men as they weave in and out of each other’s lives as well as from current day back into their pasts.  While I enjoyed some of their conversations about their lives in general I did get a feeling as a reader that I did not know enough – had I been in the scene instead of looking in I may have understood more.  The story jumps back and forth in time filling in parts of relationships and back story for the characters.  At times I had trouble following the characters as there are some similar names and nicknames.

That said, this is a good first book.  I did enjoy reading it.  It reminded me of a stroll through a new area – lots to see but you only get glimpses.  This is one of those authors to keep an eye on and see how they progress with their next book.

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