Empty Threat, The Black Pages, Book 1 by Danny Bell

Award Graphic for 08 SeptBook Talk Radio Club in the UK is awarding their Book of the Year award on November 12. I reached out to them and begged for a chance to do a blog of each of the 4 nominees. Several of the nominees were already on my wish list and happily Book Talk Radio Club and all 4 authors said yes. The next 4 Thursdays will be my reviews and presentation of each nominee.

Empty ThreatToday we are starting with Empty Threat. I am a huge fan of Jasper Fforde’s, Thursday Next series, so when I first heard about this book I really wanted to read it.

The main character of the book is Elana Black. Elana has the ability to fall into a story – literally. Whether book or TV she can feel the pull and enter the story. She has told no one of this ability and has been a passive participant until she realizes that the characters are people with real lives and she could save some of those people. However,  there are those (very powerful) who do not want the stories to change and the adventure starts. Racing between stories and her real life Elana must figure out what is going on and why the red suits are after her. There is a subplot of a mystery of a missing childhood friend and how this friend, who everything didn’t believe, might know exactly what is happening. Who can Elana trust?  This book will definitely amuse everyone from teens to grandparents.

I had the pleasure of listening to this book. The author provided me with the audio book and what a treat that turned out to be. I was able to listen in so many places where I can’t normally read. As someone who gets motion sickness, reading in any type of transportation is not possible – nor is reading on a treadmill at the gym. But, listening in those places was possible. A total treat enhanced by the lovely voice of Whitton A. Frank.

So whether you decide to treat yourself by listening or reading – It is a great book!

About Author Danny Bell

Danny Bell is the Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of The Black Pages and he nearly had an out of body experience when he realized that the song Mr. Brightside by The Killers is thirteen years old and that would surely mean that he was also older than thirteen. Older than double in fact! Certainly not triple. He has three cats, Mister, Jameson, and Koala, and they all tolerate each other. He would never compare himself to Robocop, why would he do that? He plans to continue to write books forever with hope that one day there will be a Quantum Leap style thing where Dr. Sam Beckett will help fix his life, or failing that, the time-traveling ghost of Samuel Beckett, the author, will tell him that he has been pronouncing ‘Godot’ wrong the whole time. He isn’t sure why anyone ever wants a bio, but if you’re willing to read random things about him that may or may not be true, he’s willing to provide you with them.

To learn more about the book listen to the Book Talk Radio interview click on the banner below!


This book is currently available in a Limited Edition set.  Click cover for more information.


Click here to purchase Empty Threat: A Novel of The Black Pages (Volume 1) on Amazon

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