It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins by Cheryl Meyer

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Feels Good toThis book is the second nominee for Book Talk Radio Club’s Book of the Year.  First too much personal information – my husband and I started trying to eliminate toxins from our lives a few years ago with simple things like if you can’t pronounce an ingredient don’t eat it!  I really wish we had this book when we started.  The author has taken the tons information out there and put it in one place -AND if that was not enough she will provide a free workbook – just ask – to help you on the path.

The book is broken down into chapters on specific toxins – for example cosmetics, or cleaning supplies or canned goods, or dairy.  This made it very easy to stop and start reading and go back and forth between chapters as needed.  I have marked several sections to go back and re-read once I am ready for the next step.  The author has researched and sourced a lot of information and if you want to read what she did there are 19 pages of end notes and additional resources.  She pleasantly wove her own personal story of health throughout the book giving it a nice relatable feeling.  For me,  the fact that the author is still on the journey and disovering new ideas to help her health, made it a more realistic read.

Whether you are a novice or been on this road for a while, this book has something for you. It Feels Good to Feel Good will be staying on my shelf to re-read as I continue to try and be a healthier person.

Cheryl Meyer

About Cheryl Meyer AKA Cheryl M Health Muse – Click HERE to learn more
Five years ago, Cheryl got sick, really sick. It was a perfect storm: she was working 24/7; her long-term relationship imploded; economic changes slowed her business; she got Type II diabetes; she was taking care of everyone else; her stress was out of control.

Then one morning … viola, Cheryl woke up in incredible pain that didn’t go away. Her doctor didn’t recognize what it was and thought it was in her head.

Cheryl didn’t want more pills, so she embarked on her own journey to find wellness. When she started, she didn’t even know what she was looking for. She was stunned to find toxins in every aspect of her life that were poisoning her. She discovered the Functional Medicine community. She was tested for food sensitivities.

This book shares everything that Cheryl learned to reverse her inflammation and put her autoimmune diseases at bay. This is the get well manual that she wishes had been available when she got sick. The book is about first identifying that toxins that were a significant cause of her leaky gut, then she identified what the toxins were and finally she shares what she replaced them with. She addresses the toxins in our food, in our cosmetics, our cleaning supplies, our kitchen utensils, our water, our over the counter drugs, and even in our heads, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of movement and finally toxic relationships. She wants to help others find a path to wellness.

Cheryl is now relatively pain-free, but still considers herself a work in progress. She avoids the foods and spices on her specific, long list of problem foods. She has purged toxins. She has released stress and nagging worry. She has learned to find joy in movement. She has found love. She is grateful.

Cheryl believes that following her journey will help you live a long, happy and pain-free life.  In order to help others, Cheryl has become a Holistic Health Coach, certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition©.

This book is a winner of the Launch Your Dream Book Top 10 Author Contest, class of November 2016!

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