Needle House – DS Lasser Series Book 1 – by Robin Roughley

Needle HouseThis book was recommended to me by another Book Review Blogger Susan Hampson and you can read her blog here.

This the first in the series and introduces an English Detective named Lasser, who I really enjoyed.  He’s not perfect and a little rough around the edges with some dark humor thrown in.  When a gruesome murder of a young boy happens it is just the first a long list of unraveling and murders.  While I did not care for some of the characters, like Jenna (whinny and immature), Lasser was well done.  I can read a good story with characters I do not like and this is a good story.  The plot led me along but just when I thought I knew exactly what had happened – I found out how wrong I was.  I would consider reading more in this series.  It appears there are 15 in the series which really helps when you are in the mood to binge!

Check out information on the author here.

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