Scorpion: The Myriad Series by Cindy Stone

Award Graphic for 08 Sept

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Here is the third nominee for Book Talk Radio Club’s Best Book of the Year.

In the continuing wave of great Young Adult novels, this book easily holds its own. The main character, Avery, a young adult who has been raised in a very privileged New York environment, quickly pulls you into her world. You would think life would be calm but there is a lot going on under the surface. Mystics, a fringe friend who foresees Avery’s life in her dreams, a young martial arts expert, and a ten thousand year old spell carry the plot along. There are some interesting minor characters as well. Norman the bore man – every young woman’s groan and a special needs neighbor help give the story a realistic feel. While this is first book in the series, it does stand alone very well.

Book Description: When the disillusioned and depressed daughter of NYC’s wealthiest family is pushed from a crowded Subway platform, she is saved by a beautiful ‘angelman’. Dragged into a shadowy underworld of martial artists where evil masters, Taoist mystics and powerful men from an influential secret society all vie for the mythical sacred stones believed to possess unequalled power, Avery discovers her own power within.

CindyStoneAuthor Cindy Stone

Cindy Stone is an author, psychotherapist/hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master. She is an advanced student of Baguaquan, and the internal martial arts.

Cindy has been fascinated with transformational journeys and the incredible power of the mind. Cindy became an 8th generation inner door student of Alex Kozma, author of Warrior Guards the Mountain, and Master Shun Yuan in the ancient Tian Long Wei lineage from China.

Author of The Incidental Guru; Lessons in Healing from a Dog (Stewart House, 2002) and (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2004). Co-screenwriter for “Expecting” directed by Debora Day.

Cindy Stone
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