Hard Revenge Book 1 – Michelle Angelique Series

Hard Revenge

This author is re-releasing this popular series, now under his own name with new covers and a slight polish. I for one am glad he did as previously it was not on my radar.

This is a realistic and gritty book (Rated R for language).  The main character, Michelle, turns into an incredibly strong woman with some wonderful friends to help her seek her revenge.  The author also does something I really enjoy, which is to make even the minor characters three dimensional and authentic.

I can easily see myself falling into this series, my heart racing along with Michelle as she continues through adventures.  Or falling into her relationship with her girlfriends as they become a team as well as being impressed by her ability at martial arts and contracts!  There is also some humor and her breakfast test for the sleep over friends was just perfect.

Book Blurb:  Michelle needs revenge for her brother’s murder. But she’s just a regular person, an “everywoman” who’s also broke, hunted, and homeless. Without skills, street savvy, or support how can she return the favor the killers so richly deserve?

Special bonus.  I have recently met this author and he is willing to give a free ebook to anyone and everyone willing to give it a review on Amazon and Goodreads.  So, if you are interested – just message or email me.  Or contact Jason directly using the email on his author page – please just let him know you saw it here.

Jason Stanley

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