How to write a book review!

imageA while ago I posted on Twitter and Facebook the comment that: Not writing a review after reading a book was like not applauding after a performance.   I got quite a few comments but most of them were along the line of “I do not know how to write a review.”   Well here is how to in 4 easy steps.

  1.  Read a book.  You would think that would be the logical first step but there are a few reviewers out there who do not read the book!
  2. Decide what you liked or did not like about the book.
  3. Write a sentence telling what you liked or did not like. Be specific For example were the characters believable?  I liked the lawyer character because she was intelligent and quick witted. Did the story pull you into the scene?  I could feel the cold of the snow when the man was encased in the Avalanche.  Were you able to follow the plot?   I felt like I was on the safari with the group.
  4. Tell the author if you would read another book by them.  Or, is there something you would recommend to make the book better?  For example, too many spelling errors, or the characters needed to be more believable?

That’s all that is needed for a review.

The indie authors I have met would like any feedback as long as you can explain your opinion.   Not all books are five stars nor should you only write a review for books you think are five stars.

So, the next time you read a book please take two minutes to write a short review.  Two minutes of your time is worth a lot to any author.

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