The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Alice Network

This book follows two different timelines and main characters. 1915 with Eve who becomes a spy in the Alice Network against the Germans while she lives in occupied France. And, 1947, with Charlotte (Charlie), an American college girl who is pregnant, unmarried and traveling with her mother to take care of the “problem” . Instead, Charlie leaves the trip to try and locate a missing cousin from the war. The 1947 chapters also include Charlie meeting Eve (now 30 years later) and her manservant Finn and all of them going on the quest for the cousin as well as revenge for Eve.

The real Alice Network lasted a little less than a year and involved about 100 people. It is estimated that they saved over a thousand lives. You can tell that the author did a lot of in depth research for this book. I enjoyed reading these characters that were based on true heroines and real people. The settings are vivid and the time period very well described. The life of Eve and her part in the Alice Network was very engaging. I found myself not wanting to stop reading as I was so into both story lines that when it jumped time periods I wanted to get back to the other time period.

This is a great read for any history fans or historical fiction fans.

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