Heirs of Power by Kay MacLeod

Heirs of PowerThis book is the first in the Constellation Saga. Kitty, the main character has spent her life being raised by her father who has taught her to be hunter. Kitty does not realize that she is part of the Constellation group until an encounter with a otherworldly ritual when her father reveals her true identity – she is the Archer. Each member of this Constellation has super/special powers . They are the second generation responsible for battling aliens in their world. The Constellation members are a combination of those raised to take their place in the group and those surprised to find out what their specific fate is.

There are a lot of well developed battle scenes and conversations. We follow Kitty as she travels collecting the other members of the Constellations and battles those trying to take over Kitty’s world. A minor subplot of dealing with a generation that did not start this battle (on either side) and the merging of various life forms could lead to some interesting story lines in the next books.

There are some well developed supporting characters such as Asher, the Juggler and Serena, a Royalty body double, the Dancer. I really enjoyed the fast paced interaction between the characters. The sarcasm was well done and humorous.

There were two minor stumbles. One is that I thought there were typos until I realized the author is British and she was using traditional UK spellings. And the second came from the names of each character. Often the charcater is referred to as their given name and their Constellation name or even a nickname. Since there are ten Constellations in two different generations this can be a lot to keep track of.

You can find out more about the author HERE.

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This book is currently free to read on Kindle Unlimited or Click here to buy Heirs of Power (The Constellation Saga) (Volume 1) on Amazon

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