New Years Resolution

I need to read more for pleasure. I have a continuing moving list of To Be Read books for review or editing purposes but lately I have found that I am not reading just for the pure pleasure of it. That and the overflowing pile of books I have collected over the last few years has me working on a system. What I have so far is a mess.

2018 Reading Pile

I need some help. I will be posting a small stack of books at the end of each month asking for helping picking my “for fun” reads for the next month. I am starting the year a little behind but here is the pile for January. If you have read any, or heard good things, please let me know. I will be picking two each month based off responses from here and social media. I’ll announce the winners on social media this weekend.  I will also be raffling off the chosen books after I have read and reviewed.  Thanks for the help!


One thought on “New Years Resolution

  1. Hi Jennie! Just finished “The Leavers” and found it a good, fairly quick read. Addresses immigration woes, attachment disorder, adoption, loss and loneliness. Ultimately hopeful. Happy New Year to you – and Good Luck!! See you in Mexico??!!


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