I’d Rather Starve Than Cook by Lisa Orban

Rather StarveThis book came up on one of the Facebook pages I follow. Got to admit that when I saw the title and blurb I was hooked. Luckily the author has a great sense of humor and took pity on my begging to read and review this book. Yes, I still have a ton of books in my TBR pile but this one just struck a common cord with me. I like cooking about 6 times a year and those who know me well know that my husband currently does most of the cooking in our house. I cooked too many years when the kids were younger and can throw together some decent comfort food but it has never been a joy for me.

The author has organized her recipes in what I think is a very logical way. Crockpot, stove top, oven – these are terms I know and can work with! Chapters entitled Cheap and Easy (story of my cooking life!) and In a Pinch were really needed in my early cooking adventures. The author begins each chapter with some personal insight and I related way too much with her stories. My children still tell the story of mom versus the bagel on Christmas morning where they found me kneeling on the floor with my hand in the sink as I tried to stop the bleeding from a really sharp knife. My hands have various scars from sharp or hot objects!

In all seriousness, this book has some really great simple recipes. I plan on getting this for my 82 year old father who is learning to cook and my grown kids who are on their own. The simple step by step easy recipes using realistic ingredients is perfect for any novice or experienced cook. I wish I could have had it 30 years ago. Maybe there would be fewer scars on me and fewer memories of mystery dinners!

Do you hate to cook, but prefer not to die of starvation this week?
Never fear, this cookbook is for you!
If you are able to open cans without injury, dump things out of a box with confidence, and operate a stove without supervision, you can eat tonight.

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