Eden Wakes by C. S. Harte

Eden WakesFirst and most importantly – this is a book for middle school through adult readers.  There is nothing in here that I would not have allowed my 12 year old children to read.  The main character, Kayla is a foster child.  Along with the stress and pressures of being moved around a lot, dealing with new families and new schools and trying to make friends – there is something else going on in the fringe of her life (spoiler alert) she has a special power.  As any teen will tell you it is hard enough to deal with life but add in the family and power challenges and Kayla’s life becomes a very interesting read.  While my kids did not have special powers it did remind me of the roller coaster of their lives during this age.

Kayla’s life is always changing but when she and her best friend Izzy are in a car accident, life takes a 180.  The action and adventure of the plot as well as the detailed experiences of Kayla and her fellow special power friends were so well done that I found myself easily picturing exactly what they were doing and involved with.  I really don’t want to give too much away so please just take my advice and read it or get it for your teen/young adult to enjoy.

Currently this ebook is on a holiday sale of .99 – virtual stocking stuffer??

About the Author

C. S. Harte is a local Austin Author!  You can find out the latest news about his books HERE!

Click Here to buy Eden Wakes: A Young Adult Fantasy Mystery Thriller on Amazon




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