Wine Comes In Six-Packs by Lisa Orban


This is the third book I have read from this author and her titles get me every time. She pulled me in with I’d Rather Starve than Cook, a great cookbook with side stories that were way too familiar (REVIEW HERE) and followed up with It’ll Feel Better When It Quits Hurting a beginning memoir of her life. This is the continuation of her life’s story.

Once again Lisa has done a great job putting the reader inside the story. I found myself laughing out loud, groaning with frustration and feeling a kinship over some of her family members. This is one of those stop and start books. You don’t have to know what happened before or even what is coming down the road – just enjoy each chapter for the story it is.

This author has won a spot on my “I’ll Read Anything She Writes” list.

Side note – those who know me – NO I am not drinking wine now; believe me that would be announced on national news. I am still a Gin girl, or tequila or vodka – you get the idea. (And we are still not discussing beer!)


“Looking back at the wreckage of my relationships, they have one common denominator… me.”

Mistakes were made. A lot of mistakes. Head shaking, stomach clenching, eye-rolling, awe-inspiring mistakes were made. What could possibly have made you think this relationship was a good idea, mistakes.

Author, Lisa Orban is ready once more to share her triumphs, tragedies and hysterical misadventures in her eagerly anticipated second book Wine Comes in Six-Packs. Although her life is an emotional roller coaster of ups, down, twists and turns, she manages to keep the reigns steady on chaos and retains balance between tragedy and hilarity throughout her tales. Through her reminiscences of circumstance and consequence, she shares with us her inner strength in her continuing quest to find love, and happiness, on her own terms.

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