Calizona , It Ain’t YerDaddy’s Apocalypse by Ralph Rotten

CalizonaThis book has been attached to me for the last week. I am sure I have a few more muscles now because it is over 600 pages! – and each one was great. Plus who would not love a book with that author’s name! This is a well thought out and clever story. I was impressed by the logic of the author and the way he had the main character Alex use a thought process that included so many scenarios before the EOW (end of world). This was my first mocumentary and I hope not my last. Mocumentary means a fiction book written in the style of a documentary.

Having won the largest Powerball ever, the main character Alex and his wife Laura, along with close friends, are having a little trouble spending all the money. (I know – right – like why didn’t they just give me a call – probably has something to do with the fact that they are fictional! Just putting this out there in case it happens in real life. I am totally willing to HELP!) While Laura is building her dream $60 million mansion, Alex and guys are building a bunker – not just any bunker but a $100 million bunker to be ready for EOW. And when EOW actually happens, it all becomes reality.

The writing was done with a lot of dry humor and tongue in cheek comments that I really enjoyed. The characters were interesting in a good way and added to the overall appeal of the story.

There were a few proofreading errors and minor disconnects. I know there is a sequel but I am not sure if I would read it. This book was everything I needed for a complete and enjoyable story and a continuation in the same vein may just be too much of a good thing for me. But I’ll let that door open – just in case.


Best friends since kindergarten, survivalists Alex and Mickey take prepping to a new level when they win the biggest lottery in history. Sparing no expense, they build the ultimate subterranean bunker complex. With dreams of surviving the apocalypse in comfort and luxury, they stockpile their fortress with plenty of weed, women, and song. No expense is spared, no scenario is overlooked.

But when a meteorite erases Mexico and covers Arizona with a massive debris field, Alex and Mickey soon discover that being kings of the apocalypse is not nearly as much fun as they had envisioned, and certainly a lot more work than they had signed up for.

Calizona is humorously crafted as a historical mocumentary told a hundred years after the rebirth of civilization. Images of this bleak world are revealed through personal journals, video logs, surveillance footage, and a little editorial assistance from the lead archaeologist who has transcribed the tale. At 255,000 words, this is an immersive world, engineered to appeal to a variety of adult readers who have grown up in a world of reality TV.

Click here to buy Calizona: This ain’t yer daddy’s apocalypse (Volume 1) on Amazon

3 thoughts on “Calizona , It Ain’t YerDaddy’s Apocalypse by Ralph Rotten

  1. Well, I think I’ll have to muscle through those 600 pages, the errors and the disconnect because, THAT NAME!! The book AND the author!! I love them both! 💖💖 I’ll have to give it a shot just for that. 😄


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