Fading Grace by Christine Roney

Fading GraceThis novella led me to a lot of thought.  I read the blurb a while ago and was intrigued with the story of an older woman feeling and then becoming invisible.  How many of us over 50 have felt this?  The shop door that is not held for you, the waiter at the restaurant who may only talk to your husband at the table or the counter person who looks right past you to another customer.  I for one have dealt with this.

The main character in this story is Grace, a self described beautiful person.  The author states that beautiful people seem to have a harder time with the aging and becoming invisible.  I don’t know about that, I think being invisible would be hard for anyone.  I enjoyed the paths the author took me down and made me think about all the people we do not see, not just older but homeless or teens. One of my favorite parts was the descriptions of the dog Max’s response to the invisibility.

This was a wonderful story and at only 177 pages a quick read.  My only negative comment is the book cover.  The author chose a young (looks barely 25) woman.  In a society where we are becoming invisible everywhere it would have been nice to see a woman with at least a few years on her face.


Grace Tyler led a comfortable, unremarkable life. In her twenties, she had been an up-and-coming artist with shows in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Prague. But those years were long past.

A year ago, her husband suffered a fatal heart attack and she’s having difficulty adjusting to her new life. She begins to feel invisible. But she’s coping.

Or is she? One morning, Grace looks in the mirror and watches in horror as her reflection fades. She doesn’t just feel invisible anymore, she is invisible.

Why did this happen? How can she be seen again? As Grace searches for answers to these questions, what she discovers will impact the way we see ourselves and others.

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