The Girl Who Could Read Hearts by Sherry Maysonave

Girl HeartsThis author was at the Texas Book Festival.  She was surrounded by people chatting with her so I never did get to meet her but had a very nice conversation with her husband who convinced me to give the book a read.  If you believe in angels, this could be a good read for you.  This is a religious book.  That said I never felt like I was being preached too.  The author does a nice job showing the characters as real people and both sides of being a Christian.  In other words, those who say they are Christian and those who really are Christian.

While the main character in this book is a 6 year old girl, Kate, who can see into people’s hearts, Kate is still at a stage where she does not understand what she is seeing and the people around her seem to be unable to comprehend her abilities.  I found this interesting as there are characters in the book that are in touch with their abilities and realize that it is carried through the family however make no effort to help Kate with her abilities.

On completing the reading I was left with some unanswered questions about the characters and the story.  As a whole it is a good story, however if it is a standalone book, I wish some of my questions had been answered.  If it is the start of a series, I would read the next book from this author.


Born gifted with a rare seventh sense ─ the ability to read human hearts coupled with keen intuition ─ Kate Kindrick struggles against her superpowers while surrounded by skeptical, sometimes cruel, family members and their secrets. With startling twists, the story brims with inspiration and daring while exploring intuition, angels, the afterlife, and issues relevant to many of today’s societal woes. Tantalizing and spiritual.

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