The Prey Of Gods by Nicky Drayden

PreyofGodsThis is an incredible, well written Science Fiction – Fantasy – Mythology – Folk Tale that takes place in South Africa far in the future.  The world is now filled with personal robots. If you are a sci-fi etc fan I would highly suggest it due to the compelling story line and fascinating characters.  While the cover almost made me give it to my 13 year old nephew – this is an adult book.  I am not sure what was wrong with me, timing, mood etc but I could not get into this book.  It had all the right elements but just was not my cup of tea.  The author is a local Austinite and I wish her all the best.  I may try it again sometime.


In South Africa, the future looks promising. Personal robots are making life easier for the working class. The government is harnessing renewable energy to provide infrastructure for the poor. And in the bustling coastal town of Port Elizabeth, the economy is booming thanks to the genetic engineering industry which has found a welcome home there. Yes—the days to come are looking very good for South Africans. That is, if they can survive the present challenges:

A new hallucinogenic drug sweeping the country . . .

An emerging AI uprising . . .

And an ancient demigoddess hellbent on regaining her former status by preying on the blood and sweat (but mostly blood) of every human she encounters.

It’s up to a young Zulu girl powerful enough to destroy her entire township, a queer teen plagued with the ability to control minds, a pop diva with serious daddy issues, and a politician with even more serious mommy issues to band together to ensure there’s a future left to worry about.

Fun and fantastic, Nicky Drayden takes her brilliance as a short story writer and weaves together an elaborate tale that will capture your heart . . . even as one particular demigoddess threatens to rip it out.

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