Justifiable Homicide by Jeffrey Warren


I had the pleasure of meeting this author at the Tucson Book Festival.  He greeted me by saying he had all 5 star reviews.  So, the cynic in me came out.  I rarely give 5 stars.  In my eyes that’s perfect or pretty darn close and new Indie Authors writing 5 star books are rare.  The gauntlet was thrown down.  My husband read the back cover and proceeded to read it while waiting for his next session (probably even during but we won’t go there).  I picked it up a couple of days ago and it was attached to my hand until I finished it early today.

As if our world and the lack of privacy were not scary enough, this story tells the tracing of drug cartel’s money in a well crafted story.  The story is so realistic it’s scary.  While some of the technology was a little above my pay grade I did understand the pathways that were being followed.  The execution and particulars of the character and plot developments were well laid out and plausible.  The blurb explains everything perfect so I won’t repeat the story line here.

It is a very rare occasion when my husband and I read the same book at almost the same time.  When he was done he wrote a review and said “I want to see the movie of this.”

I liked this book so much I am giving away my copy to one lucky reader. Leave a comment on this blog and your name will be entered in the drawing on April 1 (no Fooling!)


The $500 billion-a-year illegal-drug-trafficking business has a secret relationship with seemingly legitimate bankers and mainstream financial markets which is exposed by a story in the press that reverberates on front pages around the world. The question that even legitimate investigators seem not to be asking is: “Where’s the Money?” Unlikely partners Jon Reynolds, PhD (computer-encryption wunderkind who has a personal, vested interest in the outcome), and Katie Ruiz, a talented investigative reporter with a checkered past, devise a dangerous and clandestine plan to expose the business and the players in it — as well as to reveal to the general public the staggering proportions of the scheme. Implementing it means Jon and Katie will face cartels, violence, corruption, and an inept DEA — in addition to their own fears and demons. This is a story grounded in real facts that exist in the real world — our world. It is also a telling statement about the impact that ordinary citizens can have on world events — an unlikely “Power of One” tale.

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4 thoughts on “Justifiable Homicide by Jeffrey Warren

  1. Love this review and really want the book! Hoping I win the giveaway and do not have to buy but it sounds like it is worth every penny!


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