Operation Hail Storm by Brett Arquette


This book came with all the professional bells and whistles to let you know that the author is serious about their craft and willing to invest in their work. If you like Tony Stark and Iron Man then you will enjoy reading this book as it has a similar plot. Replace Tony Stark with Marshall Hail, replace Stark Industries with Hail Industries, change Tony Stark’s chest injury with Marshall Hail’s murdered family and you get the outline for Operation Hail Storm.

The drone technology was described in a way that everyone can understand. The characters were developed in a manner that made them feel human, but I’m not sure they have the unusual quirks that could carry this series much further. Many of the character roles were typical, with the exception of a female president.

Although the book finished as you would have expected, it was written to hook the reader to read the next book in the series. I’m on the fence as to whether given the opportunity if I will read the next book or not.


Marshall Hail was a husband, a father, a Physics Nobel prize winner and industrial billionaire. But when Hail’s family was killed in a terrorist attack, he became a predator and redirected his vast industrial assets toward one goal, removing every person on the FBI’s Top 10 Terrorist list. With the help of his MIT colleagues, Hail designed and built a devastating arsenal of attack drones of all shapes and sizes that are flown by the nation’s best young gamers. The world will come to realize that Marshall Hail possesses the capability of getting to anyone, anywhere, at any time, unleashing an operation so disturbing that the CIA has named it Operation Hail Storm.

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