The First Conception by Nesly Clerge

FirstConceptI kept seeing the great reviews and awards for this author’s other books but had not read them – only placed them on my “wish” to read pile. When the opportunity came to read and review this one – I jumped.

This book is compelling in so many ways, from the futuristic feel to the fact that the book takes place in the 1980’s to present day. I’d say fiction with a twist of Science Fiction. What I found very interesting is that this book, at its core, is about women and told from the female characters’ viewpoints. However it is very well written by a man. Starting when the main character, Katherine, is a child and following her into adulthood we watch her incredible mind deal with a lot of adversity and violence.

This is one of those books that is hard to put down. My schedule (yes I schedule reads!) gave me three days to read this book – I did it in a little over one because I wanted to know, I had to know, what was going to happen!

So if I tell you there are some surprises does that ruin the surprise? Read it and find out. The summary of this book is more than adequate in giving you an idea, but it’s just that an idea, of the great story. Well done Dr. Clerge!

The book does contain some rough scenes involving sex and sexual abuse including to a child.


You may not know who I am, but you know what I’ve done. I’m the one who altered human conception around the world in an unimaginable way, unimaginable to all but me—a seed planted while I was young. People had to be punished for what they did. The punishment had to be specific. I became a medical doctor, researcher, and vindicator of the verbal, physical, and sexual assaults perpetrated against women by men for eons. Including me. I’m not alone in my work. A great number of women share my ultimate goal. All except one. I’ll find the betrayer. Until then, men are beginning to pay for their sins against us. And I’m just getting started. Dr. Katherine Eris Barnes—remember my name. Although, I don’t know how you’ll be able to forget it.

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