Austism In April: A Mother’s Journey During the Tween Years by Dr. April J. Lisbon


This concise book is written as a companion for any mother experiencing the joys and trials of their child who has ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).  The author, a school psychologist, as well as a mother of an autistic child gives a unique voice to her book.  This book follows mother and child through the tough tweens starting with 5th grade and going to his second year in middle school.

This is not a resource or how to book in the standard sense but it is a book in which I believe many mothers will find solace.  The author shares her life and situations with a frank and truthful expression.  She illuminates the frustrations and questioning that many parents feel as they try to do the best for their children.  The last section of the book is dedicated to inspirational components such as Hope, Faith, Peace, and Perseverance giving the reader an opportunity to add their own notes to these sections.  Autism in April would be a nice read for any mother dealing with a child who has ASD.


This book is designed to encourage mothers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs to never give up hope and faith as they continue to endure the life-changing experiences associated with raising a child with special needs. Whether it be through difficulties experienced at school or home, there are always lessons to be learned within every situation. It is the hope that as we grow through these lessons, we will become the firm foundations our children need to succeed in their lives. In Autism in April: A Mother’s Journey During the Tween Years, Dr. April J. Lisbon has captured the essence of what it means to be an ASD tween mother in an effort to help readers understand that there is purpose in every struggle we go through raising a child with ASD. As we embrace this journey for its highs and lows, we become better support systems for our children and other mothers raising children with ASD.

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