The Dead Club by Manuel Ruiz

DeadClubThis is a great book for those 10 and up kids in your life. This book is packed with imaginative scenes.  I had to access my inner child because as I was reading and thinking yuck – at the same time I could hear kids saying “cool”.  While the characters in this book have died – there is nothing morbid going on.  What there is, is a lot of action and adventures perfect for this age group.  The action/conflict scenes were well done with a touch of kid humor – who would not love to be able to hock massive balls of snot! Or, make water bombs from your bare hands! But, to satisfy the adults and for the kids too, there is also a nice underlying themes of teamwork and friendship.

So that’s a lot of words which for a kid means – the book is awesome and cool.

A bonus – the author is a native Texan!


Grey Gomez is an eleven-year-old boy who is having a bizarre week. First he dies, then wakes up in the afterlife with a tomboy, a baseball player, a beauty queen and a science geek. They learn that Purgatory is broken and are soon thrust into a frantic search through the Underworld to find out why.

With the help of an Oracle and the Grim Reaper himself, Grey and his new friends develop extraordinary abilities that aid them on their quest to discover the truth.

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