stories about people. by cameron harrie


This is one of those books that when you look at the cover you are pulled in.  The unique color and simplistic and seemly unrelated illustrations had me intrigued.  This is a collection of short stories.

Unlike some collections what I really enjoyed was the variety of subject matter covered by this author.  From the first story of Mary who is living in the world of submitting articles for a moving toward digital magazine about handmade items. To Tom and the t-shirt incident – really well done twist – in the middle of a few other narratives.  Each story was thought provoking and led to some interesting tangles that I really enjoyed figuring out.  Even the Author Note that suggests you may want to stop reading before the last story had me captivated.  I sat down to read a couple of stories and picked up my head after a few hours to realize I was done.  I think the story The Old vs The Young is going to be tonight’s dinner conversation! – You’ll just have to read it to figure out what I mean.

This book is currently readable on Kindle Unlimited for a free read.  It is also another gem from the Tucson Festival of Books – really Arizona what are you doing that is creating some really wonderful authors????

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A man stranded on a desert island. A woman’s life-or-death decision in a post-postmodern society. Existentialism… in space?

This is a collection of short stories about people, and some non-people, fighting to find their place in their respective worlds.

Some of them are funny, some of them are not, but each of them illustrates what it’s like to be human — or at least what it’s like to be alive.

2 thoughts on “stories about people. by cameron harrie

  1. I LOVE story collections. It’s definitely one of my favorite formats to really get to know an author (or if it’s an Anthology, a bunch of authors.. I like to call those “author speed dating” 😉) I do love the cover of this one! 💖👍


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