Relative Velocity by Cameron Harrie


The other day I tweeted that a 15-minute reading break turned into an hour with this book. I had started it a few days earlier and was reading it slowly.  This author pleasantly surprised and entertained me with his first book, stories about people.  And then there was silence for over 2 years until this book was released.

When I started reading, I was crushed by the emotion portrayed in the main character.  I had to stop and breathe.  My first thought was that this author had experience deep grief because of the crashing waves he was able to have me, as a reader, experience.  I have experienced grief and the physical as well as the emotional feelings that goes along with it. Maybe this explained the silence.  I started limiting my reading time, and then the twist and then another.  Each gut-wrenching in its own way. This book pulled me through so many different stages, of so many emotions, that I was contently exhausted at the end.

As you know I read a lot (about 200 books last year), but after this one, I took a mini reading vacation of 36 hours before I felt ready to enter any other books.  I needed time to reflect, recharge and recover.

It is definitely one of my – Just Read It! books.

For more about this author and his wonderful books, CLICK HERE.


Nik Marek is an investigative journalist in Washington, DC. He lives an idyllic life with his partner, until his partner vanishes. In his state of grief, he becomes the subject of investigation himself: by the US Government. His journey navigating Washington in all its corruption, darkness, and buttoned-up ignorance takes him to places he never expected… places he never knew existed. Drawing inspiration from ‘A Single Man’ by Christopher Isherwood and ‘The Divine Comedy’ by Dante, this short novel explores life, death, grief and what comes next.

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