Seeds of Desire: A Tales of Desire Novel by Jessie Scott


This is the second book I have enjoyed from this author.  While they appear as a series, each book is a standalone story with new characters.  A common theme connects them.

The sex is not always perfect, the characters are not perfect, their worlds are far from perfect, and all of that adds together for a PERFECT read to escape into.  This story is set in the author’s state of Texas and adds to the charm of the situations and current events that the characters find themselves participating in.

If you like strong women, interesting men, and the imperfections of real people – then this is the read for you.

For more about this author and all their books, CLICK HERE.


She has what he needs … in every sense of the word

Evan Ross is desperate. If he fails to acquire a few specific properties for his boss, he’ll lose everything he owns. Standing between him and his salvation? One rebellious, stubborn, and sexy-as-hell farmer who flatly refuses his generous payout offer. Evan will have to get creative—in and out of the bedroom—to convince her to sell. It shouldn’t be too difficult … unless he does something stupid like fall in love with her, that is.

Dani Zimmer has no interest in romance. She’s too busy running her family farm to even consider dating. But when a smooth-talking Yankee rides into her small town, determined to charm her out of her land (and her panties), she can’t deny being tempted. After all, what could a bit of enemies-with-benefits action hurt? But it doesn’t take long for Dani to realize just how thin the line between love and hate can be when you start sleeping with the enemy. And falling for the man? Disastrous.

When all is said and done, can Evan and Dani close the deal—or will their chance at happily ever after wither and die on the vine?

Seeds of Desire is the second standalone book in the steamy Tales of Desire Collection that closes the orgasm gap, one story at a time.

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