In the Weeds by Ruthie Robinson

WeedsFull disclosure – I have read every book this author has written and you know I am incredibly selective in my romance reads – around 5% of my yearly reads.  But if I see this author’s name – I’m sold.  She is the reason I started reading Indie Authors as the quality of her writing and stories are top of the line.

Ms. Robinson is able to portray incredible chemistry between the main characters.  Her steamy scenes are always well thought out and total quality.  Her creation of the environment and atmosphere as well as the reality and dimension of all the characters makes an incredible story.  I did not read the summary before jumping into this book (Author name was enough) and there is a surprising twist that I was not expecting.

When it happened and the depiction of the other world started, I was concerned.  However this led to a turn on its head of the stereotypical relationship between people of different skin colors (we are all the human race)  and in between the steamy scenes there is an intellectual story that gives you quite a bit to think about.

So come for the steam and stay for the story (pun intended)!


Caleb Jones knows who he wants to be with–beautiful, fierce, independent Nakia Noble. He knows if she gives him one chance, he can prove how incredible they are together.
Nakia Noble can’t deny her attraction to Caleb, but she also can’t deny that he’s never not known privilege–he’s never understood what it’s like to be her, the challenges of being a minority in America, and that’s a deal breaker.

All of that changes when they wake up in another life.

The world Nakia and Caleb find themselves in is just like ours, but ravaged by a natural disaster that changed civilization forever, and the Caleb and Nakia of this world find themselves on different sides of a fight. Nakia on the side of the oppressors, and Caleb the leader of the resistance. Amidst hatred and fear, Nakia and Caleb must survive and find their way home…and learn how to build a love that knows no boundaries.

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