Evidence of Desire by Jessie Scott


OMG – the first chapter pulled me in, surprised me and made me want more but all the other chapters kept me reading.

If you read my blog you know I can be a little picky when it comes to really great romance.  It is rare that I even read this genre but to have read two great ones in a month – that means it might be time for me to buy that lottery ticket.

This is a great story of two main characters working as Forensic specialists in Phoenix.  All the intrigue, inside politics, procedures and interesting minor characters (even one that is a real jerk!) that you can easily relate to make this a wonderful read even without the steamy scenes.

One thing that always helps me enjoy a book is when I read about supporting characters that are just as interesting as the main characters and enhance the story.  After the first chapter, this is a slow burn story that kept building and made me feel the tension as it built between Vin and Stevie.

But the real golden ticket with this story was the non-perfect perfection of the characters falling in lust and love.  Characters that know who they are, have a life outside the bedroom and carry all the flaws that being human contains made this one a winner.

Keep an eye on this author at her website HERE.

I am giving away this paperback copy (when you pry it from my hands!) – seriously just leave a comment on this blog for a chance to win. Drawing on July 2, 2018 at 2pm CDT (sorry US only).


She needs dirty whispers to get off. He’s a man of few words. An office tryst would be risky and unsatisfying. Right?

Forensic specialist Stevie Daniels is on the verge of being crowned day shift supervisor. But first, she must uncover dirt on the rebel night shift supervisor Vin “Snakeman” Vasher. Will ambitious Stevie ruthlessly destroy his career to secure her promotion? Or will temptations of the flesh jeopardize everything she’s worked for?

Introverted Vin has thwarted all previous attempts to get him fired. This time a female snitch will be glued to his side, and she just happens to be the woman who stars in his sexual fantasies. Will having his heart’s desire so close melt Vin’s prickish armor? Or will he snub her, and in doing so, blow any chance of making his dreams come true?

Between fiery office politics, a serial killer targeting young women, and simmering sexual desires, the Phoenix Crime Lab is primed for sizzling late-night fireworks.

Evidence of Desire is a slow burn, stand-alone Tales of Desire novel. If you like your illicit office amours on the sweet and spicy side, then you’ll love this steamy contemporary romance.

Buy Evidence of Desire today and discover:

Who will win?

Who will fail?

And who will get their…Happy Ending?

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